Got It Covered

THRED Journals are designed with durability in mind. The heavy paper cover and red thread sewn binding ensure that even with repeated use, your journal will stand the test of time. 

But if you're anything like us, your journal goes wherever you go, which means protecting it is never a bad idea. The solution? Pairing your journal with one of our  handmade, custom leather covers. 

Traditionally, a THRED Journal Cover is given as a gift to commemorate someone finishing their first journal. Being able to reflect on an entire journal's worth of documenting daily faith is a moment worth celebrating! 

We have set out to source our premium leather covers from a variety of social-enterprise partners around the world. Each of our partners works with local artisans to provide sustainable and fair employment to vulnerable populations in the developing world. Your purchase of a journal cover supports these communities as well as the ministries on the ground that are making a difference in peoples' lives.

Keep your eye open for new covers to arrive and look for the signature THRED stitching on the bend.