THRED Drop In - 52 Week New Testament Reading Plan

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Sometimes it's helpful to have a little guide when trying to read the Bible consistently. 

This THRED Drop In is designed to take you on a meandering journey through the entire New Testament in 52 weeks with just 5 readings per week. 

Great for use in small groups to keep everyone reading the same thing or just for you so you know where to read today. 

Pro tip: If you get behind... don't catch up.  Resist the need to check every box, this isn't about winning an award or the accomplishment of reading the whole New Testament.  Although eventually, we hope you get there.  The point of a guide is just to help you know where to read today.  

Been a while?  Don't worry about it, just pick up the Bible and see what God has to say to you today.  Just make sure you take the time to encourage someone else by sharing what you hear with them.  

Don't go it alone! That's what we're all about around here... growing in faith TOGETHER. 

Printed on super smooth uncoated paper with final cut dimensions perfectly tailored to fit your THRED Journal.