THRED Quick Guide

Packaged inside every THRED Journal is a simple instructional booklet to help get you started. Curious about the THRED method? Here's the gist of it...

READ - THRED Journaling is responsive; a responsive reflection to something you’ve read in the Bible. What you read, how much you read, and what it is that inspires you on any given day is all completely up to you.  This journal is versatile and can be used with any existing study or reading plan that you’re using. 

Try to keep your reflection succinct and to just one page. You’ll find you have better recall of what you wrote and your new discipline will be easier to maintain over time. 

WRITE - Begin with a quick rewrite of the source verse for your reflection near the top of the page.

Consider writing about why this particular passage captured you, and how you might apply anything you learned from it to your life today.

End your entry with a written prayer in response to what you’ve read.

TITLE - A distinctive step of the THRED journaling process is to put a title on your reflection.  

What’s the headline? Have fun with this and don’t stress over it. Pithy, succinct and descriptive titles tend to work best to jar your memory later when it comes time  to share. Put your title on the top of your journal page along with the date. Now turn to the Titles Page at the front of your THRED Journal and add your new title, date and page number to your list. In no time at all, you’ll have a remarkable record of what you’re learning on a daily basis.

SHARE - THRED Journals are meant to be shared. This step brings accountability and sustainability to your discipline, and will amaze you as you see how your personal reflections encourage other people.  

One-on-one or in a small group, simply exchange your journal with someone else.  In so doing, you’re giving permission for the other person to open to your Titles Page, and that’s it. Pick a title of interest to you from the other person’s journal and ask them about it, and allow them to do the same to you. When you share a title, add a check next to it on the Titles Page.

We also include a brief description of several supplemental pages that we've added to the journal to reinforce and support some of the timeless disciplines that we believe are critical to our growth in faith.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY - Committing scripture to memory will bless you. As you or a group come across verses that are particularly meaningful, record them on this page and work to memorize them. 

HEALTH - A two-page spread based on what Jesus called the 1st and 2nd greatest commandments is included in your journal. Capture and share your goals for more than just your spiritual life, as you consider how to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.  

RELATIONSHIPS - Who’s your neighbor? What roles do they play in your life?  Spouse, parent, boss, friend, teacher or literal neighbor. Put your faith in action by identifying who God is calling you to love and do something about it.

PRAYER - Keep a record of your prayer requests and those of others. Your faith will grow as you see God work in response.

PEOPLE - This page is a place for lists of names you’re praying for. Maybe God is calling you to pray for co-workers, fellow students, family or friends.

NOTES - Five blank pages for whatever you want are included in the back of the journal.

Download your own copy of our THRED Quick Guide here.